The 1 Thing You Can Do Right Now To Stop Challenging Behavior

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Welcome Mom!


You made it here and that alone is an amazing feat worthy of a trophy (yes you get a trophy just for showing up because there are 100 other things you could be doing right now)

I am so excited that your thirst for new (easy-to-use-in-real-life) knowledge and curiosity about alternative ways to support your child brought you here! 

Check out these videos below - they are quick I promise - because I know that list of 100 things just turned into 112 while you were reading this. 

But slow down for a few minutes each day to bring new solutions to old problems. 

Feel free to reach out to me directly - I offer free conscious parenting coaching (up to 30mins).

I am so psyched to have another mom in our tribe of imperfect-is-the-new-perfect moms! We can change the world through our conscious parenting (but seriously - we can if we all do it!) 

9 Step Parenting A.D.H.D.  Roadmap

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Naughty? or Not Knowing?


Trisha L.

My mindset on life, gratitude, family and happiness has forever changed thanks to the wonderful Stacey Yates Sellar.  Through Stacey, I am now immersed in the psychology around positivity and how the many layers of this idea can make one look at events, situations in life in a different lens.  It’s truly powerful and has made me such a better wife, mother and person.  Thank you Stacey, you are truly amazing!!

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