$299.00 USD

Parenting ADHD Roadmap Masterclass

Self Directed Course

What you'll get:

  • Science-backed lessons guiding you through a 9 step roadmap: The Foundation, The Formula & The Flourishing
  • A library of resources to manage challenges and increase connection with your child
  • FREE Access to my Inner Circle for three months! Join a like-minded community for live Zoom calls where we discuss real time challenges with real time solutions.

We know investing in a parenting course may feel like a big decision but I have one question for you: what are the costs of NOT investing in your family?  If you are struggling with your children, take a minute to imagine what the future will look like if you DON’T take the time to invest in a solution now! What will it take for the conflict to end? What if the conflict doesn’t end but actually gets worse? What are the costs of child or family therapy? What are the costs of strain on a family and marriage? What are the costs of school meetings and eventually changing schools? What are the costs of a child who never learns how to manage their emotions and behaviors? What are the costs of a disconnected family? 


“If nothing changes…nothing changes.”