Join a like-minded group weekly to learn how to be happier by the minute

Turning the science of happiness into daily habits.

It’s not a program,

it’s a practice!

There are 2 things I know for sure about increasing happiness.

1) when we know better, we do better and
2) it takes practice.

I started the 1-minute videos to make the research and the rigor of happiness easily accessible. But just knowing what it takes to be happier isn’t enough. You need to practice- often- in order to make it a habit.

So I created the “HAPPY HUDDLE”- a weekly, 30 minute, live, interactive group webinar to develop and practice our happiness skills.

30 minutes is long enough to get the information you need, short enough to have no excuses to miss it!

WE are going to start 2018 off RIGHT so we can have the best year ever!

The 1st one is scheduled for

Friday, JANUARY 12, 2018

9:00 am PST

YES! I want to join the weekly Happy Huddle

You will not only learn tips and tools based on the latest Positive Psychology research but also practice the micro-changes in behavior that strengthen your happiness immunity.

I am starting this because I know you; you will watch the video, “like” the FB post, heart the IG photo, forward the cool quote and tell yourself you really SHOULD do that exercise you saw. But you won’t. You’re too busy (I know because we ALL are!)

The HAPPY HUDDLE is an EASY, CONSISTENT way to assemble your happiness toolbox, move up your happiness baseline, reduce your negativity,  increase your positivity and build your resilience. 

And it's less than a latte per call!


$29.00/month Introductory price of $19.00/month 

  • Weekly 30-minute live, group video Webinar via ZOOM (so you can be seen (or not) and participate (or not)

  • FRIDAYS 9-9:30 am Pacific time
    5 min CHECK IN on what’s good

    10 min TOPIC science/ research+ an exercise to practice the tool

    10 min Q&A

    5 min CLOSING meditation (because we never can get enough!)

Your subscription also includes:

  • Access to password protected “members only” area on the website with:
    • Past Happy Huddle recordings
    • Downloadable worksheets
    • Sneak peak into future Huddle topics
    • Entry into monthly raffle to win one of my favorite Positive Psychology books
    • links to Additional resources
  • Guest Speaker Q&A Series-(plus free gifts from them)


When the spaces are full, we will close this group, so don't miss YOUR opportunity. It’s YOUR time!

When we know better, we do better- but it takes practice.

When we do better, we feel better. And when we feel better, we attract amazing abundance. It’s very cool.

How do I know? I live it every day.

And you can too!

READY TO learn how to BE HAPPIER?

Let’s start this journey now!

Your purchase buys you access into the weekly Happy Huddle calls- every Friday 9:00am Pacific time. Don’t worry if you can’t make it- your payment also gives you access to a private page with a library of ALL previous Happy Huddles and the downloadable worksheets for each week.




Introductory price




6 Month Subscription

Total SAVINGS of $24 or 21% for six (6) months membership subscription.




One Year Subscription

Total SAVINGS of $108 or 47% for one (1) year membership subscription.



As soon as you complete payment you are automatically entered into a monthly raffle to win a copy of one of my favorite Positive Psychology books! There is a new book and new winner each month, announced on the last Friday of the month* (*must be present on call to win)

On the monthly plan, you will be charged automatically one month from the day you subscribe, but can cancel at any time. If you purchase a subscription, you will get an email warning you when it is about to expire with a chance to renew.

You can request a refund after you have participated in one call but after that, since you will have access to so much great material on the private access page, pretty please don’t ask. I am not good at saying no. And I have spent SO much time (so many late nights) creating this valuable resource for you, that I want to save you the guilt of asking ;0)

Thank you in advance for trusting me to be your guide on this journey. I do not take the responsibility lightly and look forward to sharing this awesome- even life changing- information with you!

With gratitude,



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