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On a mission to reduce the therapy kids will need later in life while increasing the joy of parenting

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This is unlike any other book about parenting ADHD! 

In Conscious Parenting Your ADHD Child, I'll be your trusty guide on this wild and wonderful journey of parenting a unique and amazing child with ADHD (which I have re-diagnosed as A. D.ear H.uman D.eveloping).

We cover all those challenging behaviors that led you here:

  • tantrums
  • refusals
  • sneaking
  • shouting,
  • aggression
  • impulsivity,
  • and even screen addiction

and deliver real actionable tips you can use RIGHT NOW! 


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This intensive deep dive into Conscious Parenting + Positive Psychology that was created to completely rock the way you think about yourself, your ADHD kid and your parenting. 

This coaching masterclass is jam-packed with ground-breaking, leading edge, paradigm shifting, scientifically proven and personally tested lessons that will give you ninja skills to overcome any ADHD behaviour challenges. It includes interactive lessons and a downloadable journal with action steps that take less than 8 minutes a day. 

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So you don’t have it to do it alone anymore! 
We are launching an exclusive parenting community as an ongoing, interactive, live, safe-haven where we parents can share, learn and practice conscious parenting together in real-time.


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We meet twice a month live on Zoom to discuss real situations- and real solutions- in real time.
If you’re all about diving deep, connecting soulfully with your kiddos, and having fun along the way, you've found your tribe!
Think of this as your go-to spot for swapping stories and sharing strategies.
We discuss the latest research, practice principles and may even do some real-time exercises for some real-time changes.

Listen To These Other Parents:


Because they were once where you are now

"Conscious Parenting is absolutely everything. It's so important. It's game changing. And in just a handful of weeks it has positively impacted and transformed my life in so many different ways. It was such an incredible experience from start to finish. And I just feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn Conscious Parenting with Stacey."

Joe O

"I went into the conscious parenting sessions with some reserve. I have to admit it 😉… And came out as a different mum but also a different person. Thanks for being so patient, encouraging, approachable and inspirational. Would definitely recommend it to any parent. As a mum of 3, it’s already helped me to be calmer, more in the moment - and more present for the girls. Thank you."

Elodie F

"Stacey's no nonsense  approach to mindfulness doesn't take itself or parenting too seriously -- but allows you to breathe, relax and better connect with your kids. Prepare to feel less stressed and more in tune with your kid's purpose and your own."

Rachel B



Bex K.

Working with Stacey has, quite frankly, changed my life, and I really mean it.thank you, Stacey, so much for helping me clean up my own stuff and really start behaving in a way that's suits my integrity and values so much more than I was before.And you really have changed my life, quite frankly.Thank you so much.


Attending Stacey's parenting workshop should be a requirement before anyone is allowed to even have children!!! Embarking on the Conscious Parenting journey may be the most profound gift you could give your children and yourself.

Joanna M., MOMFIT

Stacey’s parenting course is a MUST for every new MOM! I took it preventively (my baby is 1 year old) and WOW I feel so much more prepared with the tools to handle challenging situations with him. I am a big fan of PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE responses, so taking this course before you and your child need it is one of the best gifts you can give your family. Stacey has so much WISDOM and knowledge and she has this ability to meet you where you are. It was a great investment. I am so happy we did it now and can only tell you this: DO IT!!!!