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I've helped hundred of parents rebuild their relationships with their ADHD children. 

Conscious Parenting Your ADHD Child

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  • Learn how to communicate with your ADHD child
  • Ways to reduce conflict immediately
  • Turn your ADHD child into a happy and successful human


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What parents are saying...

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"Conscious Parenting is absolutely everything. It's so important. It's game changing. And in just a handful of weeks it has positively impacted and transformed my life in so many different ways. It was such an incredible experience from start to finish. And I just feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn Conscious Parenting with Stacey."

Joe O

"I went into the conscious parenting sessions with some reserve. I have to admit it 😉… And came out as a different mum but also a different person. Thanks for being so patient, encouraging, approachable and inspirational. Would definitely recommend it to any parent. As a mum of 3, it’s already helped me to be calmer, more in the moment - and more present for the girls. Thank you."

Elodie F

"Stacey's no nonsense  approach to mindfulness doesn't take itself or parenting too seriously -- but allows you to breathe, relax and better connect with your kids. Prepare to feel less stressed and more in tune with your kid's purpose and your own."

Rachel B

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