Best-selling author and double certified coach, Stacey Yates Sellar’s passion is to break down the research and the rigor of Positive Psychology and Conscious Parenting into bite size, easy-to-digest morsels for busy, stressed parents. Her motivational content began with one-minute videos and grew into a top-rated podcast, masterclasses, workshops, private and group coaching and international speaking engagements. She has been published in 5 international best-selling books, including Ignite Your Parenting and Ignite Your Happiness. 
After decades of studying personal improvement and child development, she became a mom of a child with learning differences, ADHD and Autism. She immersed herself even deeper into research, science, personal growth and studied The Conscious Parenting Method under it’s founder and matriarch Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Conscious Parenting offered an awakened approach that reduced conflict and increased connection with such great impact that she knew she had to join the movement to share it with more parents. She has positively impacted thousands of parents and children; improving relationships, decreasing stress and, hopefully, saving children from years of therapy later in life ;0)
In 2020, she quit her executive career and left the Silicon Valley, California bubble. She is living her dream as a mom, author and parenting mindset coach as she and her husband Barry travel and world-school their 2 boys Dashiel (13) and Declan (10). They have lived in Spain, Greece, Portugal, Mexico, USA and currently reside in Scotland…for now.