Becoming Happier Is Possible!

I break the research and the rigor of Positive Psychology down into bite size morsels for you to easily learn and practice. Because when we know better... We do better!

The 1 Thing You Can Do Right Now To Be Happier!

How To Be Happier 1 Minute At A Time

How to Become a HAPPIER Person in One Minute

Happy people feel better, do better and live longer. The big question is HOW do we become happier? 40% of our happiness is determined by voluntary activities, like what we think, do and feel!

HAVE to vs Get to

Here are some super quick wordplays that can improve your happiness.  Change the word “HAVE TO” to “GET TO”.


I know- you are busy - and that there are a million other posts vying for your attention right now…. cute cat videos, share-worthy quotes in beautiful calligraphy, what your sister just made for dinner and friends w bumblebee antennas on their heads— but- swiper stop swiping for just one minute.

The Holy Grail of Happiness

The Holy Grail of Happiness is found in this video series!

What Is Right With You

There is a field that studies what is RIGHT with you! Watch these 3 short, FREE videos to find out what it takes to have the life of your dreams.

You Can Change Your Life

Change this 1 thing and you can change your life! Watch this set of videos to understand that annoying mind chatter in your head, what it is called and how to tame the negativity.

What You Really Want Out of Life

Do you know what you REALLY want out of life? Money? Love? Success? A house on an island? Shoot, why not the whole island? Watch this FREE series to get clarity on what you really want out of life.

Why Aren't You Getting It

OK. So you know what you want. Why aren't you getting it? This FREE series walks you through the action you need to take. Don’t be mad at me but I also challenge the excuses I already know you are going to make (I know you so well.)

Have you failed?

Have you failed yet? AWESOME! Then you are on the right track. Watch this series to learn why failure isn't a dirty word. Wait until you see the company you are in.

Happy Huddle


Join me weekly to learn how to be happier by the minute. Turning the science of happiness into daily habits. It’s not a program, it’s a practice!


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