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About Stacey

I have been an archeologist of purpose and self-actualization for as long as I can remember; digging everywhere I can in the hopes that I could uncover the lost “it”. I have always wanted to find “it”. Not the “it” that comes in the shape of a fancy car or unpronounceable shoes but the “it” that would complete me, make me feel whole, clarify my purpose, fulfill and validate that I am living my best life possible. I always saw the life of my dreams on the other side of a bridge (one of those wobbly ones made from rope and planks, hundreds of miles above a rushing river). And I just couldn’t figure out how to get to the other side.

My quest has led me to many people and places; I never turned any opportunity down. I have done cognitive therapy, regression therapy, talk therapy, family therapy and angel therapy. I have had my stars mapped, my palms and feet read, my chakras aligned, my allergies eliminated, my energy rearranged, my coffee interpreted (and I hate coffee), my house and wardrobe feng shui’d, and my soul “retrieved”. I’ve sought the expertise of priests, shaman, rabbis, rinpoches, witches, hypnotists, yogis and gurus. I wear a red string around my wrist and hang charms from my rear-view mirror. I have Foo dogs at my front door, red tassels on my doorknobs and my vision board on my refrigerator. I keep an attitude of gratitude and understand that what I think about, I bring about.

At times, I was sure I was a floral housecoat and six cats away from becoming “the crazy lady upstairs”.

But I wasn’t crazy. Just thirsty. My entire life, every time someone dangled a chance to quench my thirst for “it” in front of me, I’d drool and pant like Pavlov’s dog.

Then one day I woke up and realized that in the last year I had lost 30 pounds, my business was #1 and exceeding all revenue projections, I paid off $20,000 in debt and had money in savings, I had healed from a crippling back injury and I was in a great relationship.
Of course, the truth is that those manifestations did not happen over-night. While some people are able to have a life-altering experience with just one read of a self-help book or one past-life regression, I wasn’t that lucky or destined. I thought back and questioned how it did actually happen (I’m a Virgo, we analyze) and I realized that the answer was: D) all of the above. This is not to suggest that you have to do everything I did. It is about setting an intention and following it. You’ve heard it referred to as the law of attraction or manifesting. While I can’t really prove that the Foo dogs at my front door protected me, that putting a healthy plant in the wealth corner of my house increased my wealth or that wearing a red string healed me, I do believe that I surrounded myself with intention, consciously, sub- and un-. And that is what changed my life.

The turning point was when I made a mindful decision to LIVE CONSCIOUSLY; to take responsibility for my thoughts and actions. I decided to examine what wasn’t working for me and immersed myself into what was working for other people. And that is when it all started to fall into place.

And then it got even better.

In the 10 years that followed the shift, I met the most amazing Scottish man (just as I had ordered from the Universe, complete with accent, sense of humor and great family). I saw him in his kilt at a wedding in San Francisco, snuck into the dining room before it was open, switched his table card so he was sitting next to me and the rest is history. In the same year he proposed, I bought a house and ran a half marathon. We got married in a castle in Scotland and then had 2 gorgeous boys (naturally- I was age 42 and 45!) Dashiel and Declan. Then we bought a bigger house. All along, I was the Director for the very successful medical spa company, SkinSpirit, that grew exponentially, increasing from one to eight locations over two states. My self-defined job was “to make my employees happy so they make the clients happy.” I surrounded myself with great friends (weeded out the ones that weren’t) and an incredibly close family of sisters and a brother, nieces and a nephew, in-laws (I won the in-law lottery) and parents who all want to hang out together as often as possible.

And then it got even better.

I became obsessed with TED talks about happiness, behavior influencers and modification, positivity, grit and success. October 2015 I enrolled in a certification course and realized there was a name for all the efforts I had been practicing over the last 10 years. It is called Positive Psychology and the course had put everything I knew (gratitude, positivity, optimism, care, awareness/mindfulness, mind chatter, beliefs, neuroscience, willpower, success, etc) together and under one title. I LOVED learning the science behind all the interventions (I didn’t even know they were called “interventions”) I had been studying and using all these years.

I had no doubt there were plenty of people who didn’t know there were happier tools that you could practice. There were also people who knew there were tools but didn’t have the time to read the books or money to take a workshop. There was so much knowledge and so much opportunity to deliver it.

So I thought, “Why not find a way to deliver these scientifically proven ways in easy, bite-size morsels so people can practice small tools every day?”

So we did.

Welcome to Happier by The Minute!
And it just keeps getting better…


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