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It is possible when you know the tips and tools that have been scientifically tested to work. I have studied and practiced all the principles of Positive Psychology (including neuroscience, visualization, gratitude, habit, resilience, achievement and so much more) for over 20 years. 

Not only have I manifested an amazingly abundant personal life, (complete with an uber supportive Scottish husband, 2 healthy miracle babies, a lovely home, fun travel and more), I have also used the tools to build a successful growing business. I know what it takes to weed out negativity, build thriving teams and create loyal clients. 

Whether you want to be happier at work or at home, I know what you need to get there. (Insider secret- so do you, you just need help uncovering it ;0)


You may not be ready and that’s ok too. Not everyone is at a place where they are ready to be challenged and move from cocoon to freedom. But if you are ready to find out what is getting in the way of moving toward your greater goals and bigger happiness, then I would love to help move forward. It doesn’t matter how fast we move, forward is forward. The important fact to know is that it is never too early and never too late to learn the tools of happiness. Where you are is not permanent- unless you want it to be. I am ready when you are.

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