Parenting ADHD Without Losing It!

A 3-Lesson Conscious Parenting + Positive Psychology Masterclass

that will completely rock the way you think about yourself, your ADHD kid, and your parenting.




This masterclass is jam-packed with ground-breaking, leading edge, paradigm shifting, scientifically proven and personally tested lessons that will give you ninja skills to overcome any ADHD challenges.

Stacey Yates Sellar, Founder of Happier By The Minute


Stacey Yates Sellar, founder of Happier By The Minute, has spent the last 5 years breaking down the research and the rigor of Positive Psychology into bite size morsels for easy understanding and application. She then completed an intense, PhD level course with parenting expert and Oprah favorite, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, famed author of the NY Times bestsellers The Conscious Parent & The Awakened Family. 

Now certified in both Applied Positive Psychology and the Conscious Parenting Method, Stacey is on a mission to broadcast these groundbreaking, paradigm shifting and life changing methodologies that can improve the parent-child relationship instantly.

Combining these two approaches - and raising two young boys; one with ADHD and learning differences - gives Stacey a unique and powerful ability to inspire and coach parents into a magical parenting journey (that means less stress and more joy).

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What will you learn? 

Know Yourself

Both Conscious Parenting and Positive Psychology know that ANY improvements you want to make need to start with the Self. Be ready to question beliefs, reframe old stories, break habits, awaken awareness, eliminate triggers, reduce judgement, learn new ways to handle challenging situations and create more joy in your life and home. (Yes this hour will be LOADED with mind blowing info!) 

Know Your Child

We will examine expectations in relation to developmental and neurological development. This is the week where we delve into all those behaviors that are driving you so crazy.

Know Your Tools & Support

Everything around us is a tool that either supports or hinders our ability to manage ourselves and our children. Let’s talk about each one (yes, this includes screen time!). It takes a village and there are lots out there. We will learn about all the options we have to support us, our kids and our families. There are so many ways to improve our skills, build our confidence, develop our tools and strengthen our relationships.

If you want to finally know how to handle your ADHD child (by the way, this all works on our typically developing kids too ;0) then this is for you!

I am so super jazzed to share this experience and transformation with you.

Buzzing with excitement,


My mission is to provide you with information and tools that will help improve your life - as well as your child’s.

I have been studying personal development and child development for over 30 years (eek that makes me sound old). I have a TON of knowledge and experience and I have no doubt you will receive exponentially, even 60hundred (that’s Declan’s favorite number) times the value of what you pay. 

If you are ALL IN - (meaning you complete the workbook and attend all live sessions) and truly believe you didn’t get at least the value you paid (which-  to be real - is less than a trip to Target), I will happily give you a refund. 😊

Lock in your special rate at $49 today!