Ep 29 Savor

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2017

Did you know that positive events alone are not enough to bring about happiness?

Well, what does it take then? Watch this episode for the magic answer!

Wait. What did I just say? Positive events aren't enough to bring about happiness?

Yes- according to psychologist Fred Bryant, people need to be able to attend to and appreciate the positive feelings that emerge from positive events. 

We have all seen grumpy people at parties where everyone else is enjoying themselves. So it isn't in the event, it's in our ability to stop and notice and then appreciate what is happening around us. 

We call this  SAVORING as coined by Dr. Bryant.

Savoring is a quick and easy way to boost optimism and reduce stress and negative emotions. It's the practice of being mindful and noticing the good around you. Whether it is the giggle of a child, the aroma and taste of a yummy meal, the sight of a beautiful view, the wonderful sensation an old song brings on- take the time to pause and enjoy the experience. Even if it is just for a few extra seconds, bring attention to all the elements you are experiencing. Smile as you soak it in and capture it.  Those who regularly and frequently savor to be happier, more optimistic and more satisfied with life. Start practicing now.

Let us know- in full detail- what wonderful moment you savored today. 

See you in a minute,


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