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If you have ANY thoughts, questions, interest in homeschooling- stop whatever you are doing right now and listen to my interview with Avital!

I was so over-the-moon excited to virtually sit down for a chat with Avital.

If you don't know yet, she is one of the brightest beacons of light, inspiration and knowledge on the path to happier parents & happier kids. Avital, mother of 4 young kiddos, devourer of everything parenting, has become a sage in the areas of conscious parenting and a sherpa for homeschooling Everest (which she calls "Joy School" )

Here's the wisdom you will get in this interview episode:

6:38 How to homeschool during these times (easier than you think!)
8:42 "Your home is your co-parent. It's either going to support you or trip you up."
11:55 How to get the kids to stop climbing the walls
18:45 Rejecting the narrative that we are victims
24:35 What REALLY makes us happier and more resilient - what makes or breaks us as parents
31:14 #judgementfree...

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