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If you have ANY thoughts, questions, interest in homeschooling- stop whatever you are doing right now and listen to my interview with Avital!

I was so over-the-moon excited to virtually sit down for a chat with Avital.

If you don't know yet, she is one of the brightest beacons of light, inspiration and knowledge on the path to happier parents & happier kids. Avital, mother of 4 young kiddos, devourer of everything parenting, has become a sage in the areas of conscious parenting and a sherpa for homeschooling Everest (which she calls "Joy School" 😄🙌)

Here's the wisdom you will get in this interview episode:

6:38 How to homeschool during these times (easier than you think!)
8:42 "Your home is your co-parent. It's either going to support you or trip you up."
11:55 How to get the kids to stop climbing the walls
18:45 Rejecting the narrative that we are victims
24:35 What REALLY makes us happier and more resilient - what makes or breaks us as parents
31:14 #judgementfree #guiltfree
38:28 Stop looking everywhere and just try this
40:48 The 1 question that is even more profound than "Why homeschool?"

For more information about Avital and her HUGE library of homeschooling tips and lessons visit and The Parenting Junkie podcast!

"The Parenting Junkie is a space where we can indulge in our aspirational parenting, whilst still holding empathy for our many downfalls."


Til soon- stay safe. stay well. stay positive.