Ep 28 Resilience 2- Tips

“Did you know: you can build resilience?

Here are some resiliency-building tips: 

1. Get sleep.

2. MOVE Take care of yourself physically. Moving helps reduce stress.

3. Eat well. That means real food. 

4. Reach out for support.  Social support correlates with higher levels of resiliency.

5. Meet challenges as they occur and make a plan to solve them.

6. Build tolerance for uncertainty.

7. Maintain high values, such as responsibility and integrity. 

8. Build optimism. Believe that you can improve and it will get better.

9.Challenge negative mind chatter. 

Sound overwhelming? Just pick one to focus on at a time. And keep checking back with us. We take the mountains of data and deliver it in one-minute videos so you know what and how to practice for increased happiness. What will you focus on this week? Building your support group or build your optimism? Get more sleep or eat better? You have to Keep practicing- it works. 

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Ep 27 Resilience 1 - What to know how to build resilience? Watch & Learn

Did you know: resilience can be taught and improved?

Chris Peterson, one of the Positive Psychology forefathers defines it as “struggling well.” It’s our ability to bounce back and recover from difficulties. 

According to research by Reivich and Shatte there are 7 factors to resilience and all are buildable.

Emotion regulation the ability to stay calm under pressure
Impulse control is the ability to control behavior, delay gratification and tolerate ambiguity
Self-efficacy or a sense of mastery 
Reaching out which of course is about the social support we have
Empathy which is about reading other people's cues to their emotional states
Optimism which is a hope for the future and a belief that things can change for the better
Casual analysis which includes taking perspective and having Flexible thinking.
We will go into each of those but for now, here is a quote from Hara Estroff Marano’s article “The Art of Resilience” 


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