How to clear your clutter and make room for abundance


You want good energy and you know what clutter is bad energy. So you want to move it because you want to make space for good energy to come in and out there.

A financial cost to clutter. How many times do you find something or you don't find something or you find it late and it's past-due bill, or you have to read your first register for something and now there's a late fee because you couldn't find it.

It is really likely that if you're unorganized in your home, you're probably unorganized in your finances.

My husband does financial coaching for really, really cheap cost he just does it for fun. And so if you want somebody who can help you with your finances and you don't want to spend a lot of money because you don't think you have a lot of money, but by the way, that's all energy and thought process.

He's going to help you create more abundance in your life. But just a little shout out from my husband because it is so important. Be organized with your finances. If your finances...

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