You Can't F*ck Up Your Kids

no shame parenting May 13, 2020



Lindsay Powers is the mom-friend we all want to have! Fed up with the pressure to meet unattainable levels of perfection and constant mom vs mom criticism, this editor in chief of Yahoo!Parenting launched the  #noshameparenting movement (reaching over 170 million grateful parents on social media)! Lindsay just released her new book You Can't F*ck Up Your Kids which offers us a validating pat on the back and absolution from guilt for not being perfect (spoiler alert: there is no perfect).

Her recent, viral article "Advice on raising kids during coronavirus: be "The World's Okayest Mom" was everything I needed to hear right now... and I know I am not the only one. 

I am so lucky and excited to be chatting with her live!

If you have ever felt judged as a parent (or judge other parents- shhh we won't tell) then listen in and comment on your biggest takeaways!


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