The Law of Attraction + Parenting

law of attraction May 23, 2020

What does the Law of Attraction have to do with parenting?

My special guest, Anna Garcia will talk about how an understanding of Universal Laws - namely the Law of Attraction can enable more empowerment for both parent and child.

Here are the key points we will bring up during the interview:

1. Your child is a Universal Being.
    How to acknowledge their identity while guiding their actions. Avoiding labels.

2. Reminding them that they are infinite creators.
You don't have to buy them everything. Teach them to tune their thoughts toward what they want in life (Law of Attraction).
    Their minds are wide open - remind them they can be, do have anything.

3. Teach them to hold their own happiness keys - they learn to bring themselves into alignment.
    Law of Attraction - give more attention to when they are in alignment.

4. Parenting - You get what you Expect not what you want.
   The power of expectation. Tidying up your vibration so you can attract the best in them. What you resist persists.

5. Added tools - Affirmations and Gratitude.


'Til soon! Stay safe. Stay well. Stay positive.


With gratitude,


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