Ep 7 Sorry, You can't be happy all the time but...

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2019

Did you know happiness doesn't just come from thinking happy thoughts all the time?

Just so we are clear- Positive Psychology isn't “Happiology” where the expectation is to be happy all the time. It is about: the Permission to be Human; the permission to make mistakes, to be sad, to be frustrated and to be imperfect.  “Permission to be Human” coined by Harvard professor and Positivity expert Tal Ben Shahar.

Another way of looking at it is : “Struggling well”.

Positive Psychology gives us interventions that not only help us enhance positive experiences but also tools to help cope better with negative events and build flexibility to move fluidly through negative emotions. 

It doesn't ask us to eliminate bad things or obstacles but rather it gives us tools to move through those experiences better so we can learn and grow from them.

As we better understand these tools and make them more common and habitual, which means we PRACTICE them, we will cause a ripple effect that we hope will increase happiness and lead to flourishing in you and those around you. 

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